Ne-Yo thinks it is important to put in ''effort'' in the bedroom.

The 33-year-old singer is a ''firm believer'' in matching the standards set by the woman he is with and vows to ''work out'' his partner.

He said: ''I'm a firm believe in do me and I'll do you back. If you work me out, then I'm gonna work you put with the same amount of effort. That's how I rock.''

And the 'Closer' hitmaker also has a romantic side, and loves to surprise the ladies in his life with a home-cooked meal.

He said: ''I'd figure out what a girl's favourite food is without her telling me and I'd attempt to cook it. So if I try to cook dinner, you know that you're really special.''

Ne-Yo also admitted he isn't afraid to splash the cash to impress a girl.

He told Britain's more! magazine: ''One night we went to a club and bought about 50 bottles of champagne. We were ordering 10 bottles every 10 minutes. It's one thing to hand a girl a glass of champagne, it's another thing to hand a girl her own bottle.''