Ne-Yo hates the ''game'' artists play in the music industry these days.

The 'Push Back' hitmaker has just dropped his new album 'Good Man' after three years away from the spotlight but he has admitted he really had to work hard to create tracks that were true to him but also fitted in with the rules of today's industry.

Speaking on 'The Breakfast Club', he said: ''I love music. I still hate the game but music i'll always love. I made a lot of money and I still make a lot of money but I hate the fact you have to drop so much music so often.

''I come from an area where you drop one song and you let that joint rock for a few months, you let people fall in love with it and then you let it stay at Number 1. And then once it starts to come down, then you drop another song.

''Now it's like Monday - drop a record, Tuesday - drop a record so when do people get time to fall in love with a record? So going into this new album, I was real concerned about that because I didn't want to do that. But, at the same time, I can't evaporate.''

The 38-year-old singer was planning to spend some more time away from the limelight but felt he had to come back because people were forgetting about him.

He explained: ''You know how the music industry is, two years feels like 10 years. So I was on Twitter and everyone is like: 'You remember Ne-Yo?' I was like: 'I've been gone two years!' So I couldn't stay away too long.''

Ne-Yo's new album is filled with upbeat love songs but he has admitted he never picks his own singles because the ones he usually hates are the most successful.

He said: ''I don't go into the studio like: 'Ok, today we're gonna do the singles.' I just go and do whatever feels good.

''I've never picked my own single. If I don't like the single then that's usually the one goes big. When I wrote 'Closer', I literally wrote that to sell it to someone else, I didn't intend to keep that but the whole team told me to keep it.''