Ne-Yo feels like a ''new artist'' after he took a two-year break from the music industry.

The 38-year-old singer bounced back onto the scene earlier this year with his new singles 'Push Back' and 'Good Man' - the lead track on his forthcoming album of the same name - after his last LP release 'Non-Fiction' in 2015 and he has admitted the short hiatus has done him the world of good because he feels refreshed.

Speaking to WWD, the 'So Sick' hitmaker explained: ''Everything has changed. The sound has changed, the way people are getting to the music has changed, the process of putting it out has changed. I feel like a new artist again.''

'Good Man', which was initially set for release in September last year but was delayed because he didn't feel it was ready, will finally drop on June 8 and Ne-Yo hopes the lyrics on his album will teach men how they should treat women.

He said: ''You are a walking, talking, breathing billboard and the product you're selling is yourself. As I got more into fashion, I started to realise the power of looking like you give a damn and it suddenly became very clear to me how important it is to spread that message. You can be just as cool and masculine but also be a decent person.''

The hiatus also signalled a change for the singer - whose real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith - as he has decided to ditch his famous hat once and for all because he feels like a hypocrite promoting self-love while hiding behind the accessory.

Ne-Yo - who covered his head because he was ashamed of his hairline - explained: ''I don't know if anybody else noticed, but it was a major deal to me. I realised I can't preach this (message of) self-love as I'm hiding behind a security blanket.''