TV networks in America are beginning to take heed of warnings from leading Christian groups about a new NBC drama featuring a drug addicted priest and his dysfunctional family - they've pulled the show.

Bosses at NBC affiliates in Indiana and Arkansas have decided new show The Book Of Daniel, starring Aidan Quinn, is too much for their viewers.

The decision follows outrage from officials at the American Family Association, who generated more than 400,000 protest emails about the programme over Christmas (05).

The AFA bosses have been urging advertisers to pull their support for the new drama, which starts tomorrow (06JAN06) - and now chiefs at the Nexstar company, which owns KARK-TV in Arkansas and WTWO-TV in Indiana, have decided not to run with the show.

Like the AFA, the Nexstar bosses are disturbed by Quinn's portrayal of an Episcopal priest with a painkiller addiction, an alcoholic wife, a drug-dealing daughter and a gay son. They're also upset by comic scenes in which the actor's character chats to Jesus Christ, who appears before him.

A spokesman for KARK-TV has announced the network will not air the show "after careful consideration, watching the programme and, most importantly, listening to our viewers and engaging them in dialogue."