NBC-owned stations WVIT-TV in Hartford, CT and WCMH-TV in Columbus, OH have refused to sell advertising time to the liberal group MoveOn.org, which accuses four lawmakers of selling out to energy companies. All four are Republicans. In a statement, the group said, ""We think it's outrageous for NBC to censor our ad, and wonder if this reflects the well-known right-wing leanings of their parent company, GE. What other explanation could there be for an Ohio NBC station refusing to run our well-sourced, entirely factual ad, while airing the Swift Boat Veterans' deceptive ads in 2004?" The stations declined comment. But the Connecticut lawmaker targeted by the group, Rep. Nancy Johnson, has denied MoveOn.com's charges against her "This shameful partisan ad is a new low for politics in our state," Johnson said through a spokeswoman.