NBC, which once dominated the weekly Nielsen ratings but which had Fallen To has-been status in recent years, was back on the victors' stand again thanks to its coverage of the Summer Olympics in Beijing. Friday's opening ceremonies and the weekend competition trounced everything else in sight and gave the network its best ratings in nearly three years. With just those three days of Olympics telecasts, NBC was able to finish the week with three times the audience of its closest competitor. (It was also helped by Tuesday's two-hour edition of America's Got Talent .) For the week, NBC averaged a 10.1 rating and an 18 share. CBS was a distant second with a 3.8/7. Fox finished third with a 3.2/6, while ABC trailed with a 2.4/4.

The top ten shows of the week according to Nielsen Research 1. Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies, NBC, 18.8/34; 2. Summer Olympics (Sunday), NBC, 18.1/31; 3. Summer Olympics (Saturday), NBC, 13.9/27; 4. America's Got Talent , NBC, 7.7/13; 5. Two and a Half Men , CBS, 6.5/11; 6. Criminal Minds , CBS, 6.0/10; 7. NCIS, CBS, 5.9/10; 7. So You Think Can Dance (Thursday), Fox, 5.9/10; 9. CSI Miami , CBS, 5.5/10; 9. So You Think Can Dance (Wednesday), Fox, 5.5/10.