Two days after being featured in an hour-long NBC Dateline documentary, Joe Francis, producer of the Girls Gone Wild sex videos, pleaded guilty Monday to violating federal record-keeping laws by failing to document the ages of the women featured in the videos. Under a plea agreement, Francis agreed to personally pay a $500,000 fine; earlier this month his Mantra Films agreed to pay an additional $1.6 million in fines. During Saturday's Dateline feature, Francis told reporter Keith Morrison: "I've been a target of lawsuits ... and other accusations and ridiculous things in the past." Asked specifically about hiring underage girls, he replied, "Well, some girl showing a fake ID? If somebody shows you a fake ID, you have every reason to believe that they're that age." On Monday, his lawyer, Aaron Dyer told reporters, "No 17-year-old will ever be allowed to lie to Mantra films to appear on camera again."