The director of creepy new slasher movie Smiley and his cast have been targeted by the bloggers and "hactivists" who use the sinister websites mentioned in the film.

Michael Gallagher, his girlfriend Jana Winternitz and friend Shane Dawson have received sick death threats after making reference to sites and in the new movie about a faceless urban legend who comes to life.

Users of the blog sites appear to be furious with Gallagher - and they're making sure he knows how they feel.

The director tells U.S. news organisation NBC, "They communicate constantly by sending porn images and sending images of gore and violence and very disturbing images.

"They're detailing plans of what they want people to do to me. (There have been) lots of death threats."

The bloggers have even targeted the director's girlfriend, who appears in the film, and the couple's dog.

Winternitz adds, "It's been very tough."

And Internet celebrity Dawson, who stars in Smiley, insists the threats should not be taken lightly: "They're (bloggers) kind of a big deal."

Smiley opens in select cinemas in the U.S. on Friday (12Oct12).