After all the protracted rumors and the "will she won't she" news stories, the decision by NBC to get rid of Ann Curry from hosting their morning show 'Today' and replace her with Savannah Guthrie seems to have really gone quite badly wrong, with Nielsen figures showing that even with the addition of a new co-host, the program is still getting soundly beaten by rivals ABC and their show 'Good Morning America'.
How badly? Pretty badly, according to the figures. Nielsen is reporting that some 357,000 more tuned in to watch 'Good Morning America', which maybe doesn't sound huge in U.S. terms, but when you figure that 'GMA' pulled in an average of 4.57 million compared to 'Today's' 4.21 million you realise that it is in fact a fairly hefty chunk.
The news comes as a blow to Nbc, which has been used to seeing its flagship morning show regularly top the ratings going as far as back as the mid 90s; indeed, it is relatively recently that 'Good Morning' has made an impression, first going top of the ratings as recently as this Spring. It's hard to know why Guthrie isn't capturing the audience's attention, with there perhaps being the possibility of some sort of loyalty to Curry who was with the show since 1997 but given just one year as co-host with Matt Lauer before being given her marching orders.