Britain's Got Talent champion Paul Potts has performed his now famous rendition of Nessun Dorma in New York on NBC's Today Show programme.

During an interview on the show the former phone salesman, who has now been dubbed 'Pava-potty' by the British press, told the audience of how opera singing has helped him overcome difficulties throughout his life.

"My voice has been my best friend. When other things got me down, my voice has always been there," he said.

The singer spoke about how he had been bullied in his youth and hoped that his story would serve as a "source of inspiration" to victims of bullying.

He revealed that he still could not believe that he had won the contest saying: "I'm waiting for someone to pinch me and say: 'Get out of bed. You've got to work. You're late again.'"

Asked about his first performance in public, Potts revealed that he had dressed up as Luciano Pavarotti while performing at a karaoke bar in 1998.

Potts, who received a £100,000 prize on winning the talent contests, will begin recording for Simon Cowell's record label next week, with an appearance at Royal Variety Show scheduled for later this year.

22/06/2007 07:34:23