NBC's Olympic coverage is getting some phenomenal viewing figures in the US, but a good proportion of those watching the event unfold are also making their voices known about what they believe to be the sub-par quality of how the channel is showing the games, with a hashtag even appearing on Twitter titled #nbcfail.

The main cause of the ire has centred around American swimmer Ryan Lochte's gold medal winning race which Nbc opted to air on tape delay in prime time. This was one of just many issues though, with the decision not to show the opening ceremony of the games on Friday night live online also rankling. On Sunday, meanwhile, complaints came forth after viewers switched onto the main network to find that the women's cycling road race was being shown instead of the US men's basketball team's opening match. Criticism over coverage is nothing new of course, and it's hard for countries to get it right when showing games in different time zones, but the weight of it coming from various social networks has been hard to ignore this time round for the company.

The issues seem to have arisen from the fact that Nbc are putting everything online and somewhat neglecting to pay due attention to their TV coverage. This exchange explains it all: James Poniewozik, Time magazine TV critic, tweeted that " Nbc time-delay coverage is like the airlines: its interest is in giving you the least satisfactory service you will still come back for. " Nbc's Jim Bell replied saying " You do know that all sports events are being streamed live right?" to which he got the reply " I do, indeed! Have enjoyed it. Apparently lots of folks still prefer watching on the TV."