NBC is launching a high-energy campaign via the Internet today (Monday) in hopes of stirring up buzz over its new programs scheduled to debut next month. Subscribers to the online video rental service Netflix are expected to receive copies of the pilots of NBC's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Kidnapped today or tomorrow. The network is also putting its upcoming drama Heroes on Apple's iTunes Music Store in a few weeks. "The television industry -- the way you market it, the way people view it, the way you consume it -- is changing dramatically," NBC marketing chief John Miller told the Baltimore Sun, "Whether you watch it on television, or you Tivo it, or you have an iPod, or get it through your computer, or through a wireless device, it's all about creating an attachment for the viewer to certain products. So, we're embracing the Web and we're embracing previews to create word of mouth and attachment for our shows. We're trying to be as up-to-speed as the environment in which we live." University of Maryland media economist Douglas Gomery have high marks to NBC for the Netflix campaign. "It's brilliant," he told the Sun. "They are targeting high-end, active media consumers who talk a lot to their friends and co-workers - the kind of people who once upon a time were known as 'opinion leaders' in mass communications research."