In what could have been a scene from the now-canceled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, a reporter asked NBC Entertainment Co-chairman Ben Silverman Monday, "What do you think about a company that pays an executive $6 million and fires him a month later? Is that a good company?" The reporter was referring to Kevin Reilly, Silverman's predecessor, who recently landed on his feet in a similar post at Fox. Silverman seemed unsure about how to respond properly to the question, but his colleague, Marc Graboff, promptly fielded it. "He wasn't fired," Graboff told the reporters, then explained: "What happened was when Ben became available, about three months after we made Kevin's new deal, we jumped at the opportunity to bring Ben on board to the company. Kevin, when that happened, realized or determined, frankly, that there was just no role for him at the company and decided to move on." His remarks produced a derisive roar of laughter from the TV press corps.