NBC has challenged the license of a Spanish-language TV station in Los Angeles, claiming that the Mexican broadcasting company that leases it is corrupt and lacks "character qualifications." The U.S. Network claims that the Mexican company, TV Azteca, the country's second-largest broadcaster, used strong-arm tactics to shut down the production of a television show NBC's sister network Telemundo was taping in Mexico City, forcing it to move the production to Miami. In an interview with today's (Friday) Los Angeles Times, Luis J. Echarte, chairman of Azteca America, said, "We view this as a very simple ploy to damage our reputation. They came to Mexico and they violated our laws, and then they went back up to the States, and now this." Broadcasting and Telecasting, in reporting on the FCC filing, commented that it "could be a way to force other U.S. agencies ... to put pressure on Mexican authorities to level the playing field for U.S.-owned companies to produce programming in Mexico" The license of the station, KAZA-TV, Channel 54, owned by Pappas Telecasting, was due to come up for renewal today.