NBC apologized Monday for the opening skit on Sunday night's Emmy Awards that included a Lost-like plane crash. The skit aired on the same night as earlier news programs described a fatal plane accident in Kentucky. "In no way would we ever want to make light of this terrible tragedy," NBC said. "The filmed opening during the Emmy telecast was meant to spoof some of television's most well-known scenes. The timing was unfortunate, and we regret any unintentional pain it may have caused." However, the Columbia Journalism Review's website noted that several blogs thought that the matter was being overblown. One blogger on the SayAnything site wrote: "It wasn't like the folks at the Emmys were trying to mock what happened in Kentucky." Another wrote: "I completely understand how Kentucky viewers were shocked by this, as the Emmys began right after a local update on the crash. But hectoring NBC for insufficient pandering to tragedy seems a mighty lame tribute to 49 people." Conservative bloggers were equally up-in-arms over this remark by Conan O'Brien when introducing Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. "These two presenters have done for fake news what the Fox News Channel has done for fake news," he said. Commented one blogger: "Today's just the wrong day for the gratuitous slam of Fox News as 'fake news.' You know, because two of its journalists were just freed from the very real experience of being kidnapped while on the job and then held hostage for 13 days."