NBC has sent to its affiliates details of the research it conducted prior to turning over the 10 00 p.m. hour to Jay Leno beginning next fall, the website TVNewser reported on Monday. It told the affiliate managers that the data were intended to "arm your staffs with over the next nine months and beyond." Among the talking points that the move represents the reinvention of primetime; that Leno will be more "DVR-proof" than scripted shows; and that the move does not "reduce NBC's commitment to scripted programs." Oddly, TVNewser observed, the research did not indicate how the move would help the affiliates' 11 00 p.m. newscasts. However, in an interview with today's (Tuesday) New York Times , Leno acknowledged that the second half of his show -- until now, the weaker half -- will be strengthened. "We want to provide as strong a lead-in as we can," he said.