Minnesota Senator Al Franken's effort to shoot down the NBC-Comcast merger encountered opposition from an unexpected source Wednesday when Mark Cuban, the owner of HDNet and the Dallas Mavericks, accused the senator of making uninformed comments about the merger. Cuban, who sold his Broadcast.com streaming site to Yahoo in 1999 for $5.04 billion in stock, particularly attacked Franken's proposal that Comcast and NBC be required to put all of their TV shows online. "Someone needs to explain to Sen. Franken that TV shows delivered over the Internet consume bandwidth. A lot of bandwidth," Cuban wrote. "What you are asking Sen Franken, is that Comcast duplicate the delivery of theirs and NBC Universal's shows on a network, the Internet, that is not and has never been designed to handle the delivery of huge volumes of video and TV shows." Again addressing Franken directly, Cuban concluded, "If you get what you ask for, by the time you are done answering the complaints of why didn't you realize that your request would jack up everyone's Internet bill. put caps on usage and negatively impact the performance of your constituents' home Internet, you just might be the former senator from Minnesota."