Jerry Jones' glasses certainly won't clean themselves! The Dallas Cowboys owner - understood to be worth $2 billion - is the talk of the Internet today after a video of him enjoying the first game of the new Nfl season went viral.
Moments after Dallas' wide receiver Kevin Ogletree scored the first touchdown of his team's 7-3 win over the New York Giants, NBC cameras showed the Cowboys owner sitting comfortably in his suite, perhaps a little too comfortably. Amazingly, the billionaire decided his glasses needed a wipe, and instead of giving them a quick brush with his shirt, handed them to a mystery man behind him, who proceeded to give the spectacles a good clean. Hours after the cowboys 24-17 victory over the current Super Bowl champions, the man doing the wiping was finally identified. It seems Jerry Jones gets his own son-in-law Stephen to clean his glasses! Recent rumours had suggested Jones was ready to sell his beloved team, though speaking after the game, he was quoted by Yahoo Sports as saying, "I have always thought that it was tribute to the Cowboys and our fans and the visibility.I know [being a valuable franchise] doesn't make one more first down for you. It is really I think a plus for the franchise to be thought of that highly", adding, "We all know that no one ever knows until you see something sold with the market and I'm fortunate to say that won't ever be the case with me or the family, so we'll never know what it's worth".
We think it's only a matter of time before Jerry Jones' glasses get their own Twitter page.