Confirming earlier widespread reports, GE announced today (Tuesday) that it had named Jeff Zucker president and CEO of NBC Universal, replacing Bob Wright. In a statement, GE Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt said, "Jeff Zucker is a terrific talent and the right person to guide NBC Universal on the next stage of its growth." Meanwhile, on Monday former GE chief Jack Welch retreated from a comment he made about Zucker in an interview with New York magazine a week ago. Asked why Zucker was still in his job following years of failed programming at NBC, Welch replied, "'Cause I'm retired." In a letter to the magazine Welch replied that he has employed that response to many questions dealing with the company since he left but acknowledged that it was "certainly subject to misinterpretation" in this instance. "In fact, I am a huge supporter of Jeff Zucker," he added.