It's not quite what one would expect from a cable channel that focuses on business news, but Don Imus's Imus in the Morning will move to the Fox Business Network on Oct. 5, the network said Thursday, confirming long-circulating rumors. The telecast -- which puts cameras inside Imus's radio studio -- had been carried recently by the cable network RFD-TV and before that by MSNBC, which fired him for making what were deemed racist/sexist quips about the Rutgers University women's basketball team. Today's (Friday) New York Times observed that while Imus ordinary doesn't make financial news part of his program, he will now "incorporate additional business news" into it. In what the Times referred to as "a gregarious statement," Imus said, "I love Fox. Roger Ailes is the preeminent genius of American broadcasting. Who wouldn't want to do this?"