MSNBC personality Don Imus said on the air Thursday that Rick Kaplan had been fired as president of the cable news network. "The newspapers say it was some mutual agreement, but Rick told me he was fired," Imus remarked. However, it was not clear whether Imus was merely setting himself up for the quip that followed. "I have even worse news," he said, "I have been named to succeed him." Then, referring to the MSNBC primetime news hosts, he said, "Tucker, Joe, Rita, I'd like you to give me a call. ... Maybe we'll do it on a video conferencing thing. We need to refocus here." Meanwhile, in another shake-up at NBC's cable unit, David Friend, who oversaw business news on CNBC, which is principally a business channel during the day, resigned Thursday. Unlike the parting with Kaplan, NBC immediately named a successor -- Jonathan Wald, a former executive producer of Today and NBC Nightly News.