Largely as a result of its Super Bowl ad, Fox and NBC's Hulu experienced a 33-percent surge in traffic during February and, according to Nielsen Online's VideoCensus, now ranks second behind YouTube among the top video websites in the U.S. With 309 million video views, Hulu outperformed Yahoo and MySpace. Commented Advertising Age "In the grand scheme, saying you're No. 2 in online video is a bit like saying you're the tallest midget, as YouTube boasts 5.2 billion views a month. But it's still significant, particularly given that TV shows can garner ad rates as high as $40 to $50 per thousand viewers online." s s So that Conan O'Brien won't have to follow reruns when he takes over the Tonight show in June, NBC is planning to extend the current season through his debut week, Daily Variety reported today (Friday). Medium , it said, will now air its season finale on Monday, June 1, followed by Law And Order SVU on Tuesday and Law and Order on Wednesday. "We'll give Conan the best launch possible during his premiere week," NBC Entertainment Co-chairman Ben Silverman told the trade publication. The network also announced a series of additional moves that it hopes will help reclaim lost ground during the summer, including a number of original scripted dramas and even two two-part movies, something rare for a broadcast network even during the regular season these days. ( Meteor is scheduled to air on Sunday, June 7 and 14 and The Storm , on Sunday, July 19 and 26.)