NBC on Thursday introduced a new, free player for Hulu, the online video service that it owns with Fox and Disney, making it easier for users to locate shows posted on the video site and watch them on a computer screen. Called "Desktop," even the name points to the fact that the Hulu backers want to limit their content to computers -- the software is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems -- and not allow it to find its way onto TV sets, where it might compete with standard TV broadcasts. Meanwhile, in an interview with CNET News, NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker said, "Right now we are committed to Hulu being an online experience. That's where our vision is today. That will continue." He also predicted that Hulu should be showing a positive cash-flow soon. "The first 18 months was getting it up and not getting laughed at," Zucker said. "The goal over the next 18 months would be increased monetization."