Despite conspicuous weaknesses throughout its schedule, NBC on Monday unveiled only five new dramas and one new comedy for its upcoming fall schedule. At a news conference in New York, NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly explained, "Loading up on product is not necessarily a recipe for success" since each new show would have to be promoted -- leading to a plethora of "clutter" on the network. The new shows include Journeyman, Chuck, Life, Lipstick Jungle, The IT Crowd (the only comedy), and a "reimagination" of The Bionic Woman. The network also indicated that it is developing a Heroes spin-off, titled Heroes: Origins. In addition, the network will be dropping Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, the show it appeared to have the greatest hopes for when it announced its fall schedule a year ago. Also leaving the lineup will be Donald Trump's The Apprentice, although Reilley suggested that another show from Trump will take its place. "We want to be in business with Donald," Reilly said. "He has a certain magic." Meanwhile, a Trump representative told TV Guide, "We've actually been approached by one of the other three broadcast networks, should NBC pass."