Katie Couric has suggested that expectations about how she will affect the ratings of the CBS Evening News when she takes over as anchor in the fall ought to be toned down. In an interview with the Washington Post, Couric said, "I'm not going in there saying I'm going to change the face of the evening news or I'm going to be a huge success. Right now it's a question mark. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to contribute something positive." Couric, who made her penultimate appearance on NBC's Today show this morning (Tuesday) and will leave the show on Wednesday, said in a separate interview with USA Today: "I don't think anyone expects me to come in riding a white horse and save the day. I'll just try to be part of a terrific team of journalists and do as much as I can in the role I have." Others have suggested, however, that CBS does regard her as a female counterpart to the knight on horseback and that the network has no fall-back position if the CBS Evening News suffers further audience erosion after Couric joins the news program.