Tom Brokaw, who fronts a two-hour documentary about Martin Luther King on the History Channel this month (it debuted Sunday night), has acknowledged that it is difficult to get people -- especially young people -- to tune in to long-form documentaries these days. Interviewed by Forbes magazine, Brokaw said, "It's tough. It's the same thing as trying to get them to read a long-form magazine and newspaper pieces. Everyone wants to do YouTube and" Brokaw, the former anchor of NBC Nightly News, said that developing an evening newscast is "a struggle." Recalling a visit to MIT last week, he said, "There were about 15 students in the room with me, and I asked how many of them read a newspaper on a daily basis. Two hands went up. Then I asked how many watched the evening news on a nightly basis. No hands went up. And then I asked how many spend a lot of time during the day going to their PDA or computer to find out what's going on, and every hand went up."