Bosses at American network NBC are reportedly in talks to bring Renee Zellweger's Bridget Jones character to TV in a new weekly show.
Rumours of a third installment in the movie series have been rife over the last few months - Zellweger has shrugged off the gossip insisting she knows nothing about a planned sequel, while her onscreen love interest Colin Firth has spoken out in favour of a follow-up.
And speculation about the future of the franchise has now turned to TV, following a deal between bosses at Working Title, the British studio behind Bridget Jones, and U.S. network NBC.
President of NBC Universal International, Pete Smith, has said executives are working on a "reservoir" of content but refused to discuss specifics as film rights are still under discussion, but a Bridget Jones adaptation is said to be a top priority, according to the New York Post.