Awkwardness reigns over at NBC's 'Today' show as Ann Curry showed up for work again on Friday, in spite of rumors circulating that she's about to be replaced as host. Curry initially started on 'Today' as a news anchor in 1997 and had said in the past she'd love to last 20 years; however The Press Association reports that that's looking distinctly unlikely with Nbc reportedly talking about replacing her as co-host - just as year after she replaced Meredith Vieira alongside Matt Lauer.
'Today' has traditionally been dominant force on American morning television, but as of late found itself under pressure from rival network ABC's 'Good Morning America', something that has evidently spurred bosses of the long running program into action.
On Friday, Curry's appearance passed relatively normally, as she helped introduce musician Kenny Chesney for a performance outside the shows Rockafeller Studio; however the previous day was not so fortunate, at one point a graphic of Curry's face appearing on TV with the caption "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" posted underneath. The incident came hours after reports started surfacing that she would be losing her position. Back in early 2010 the network faced a similarly awkward exit when Conan Obrien left 'The Tonight Show' after scheduling disagreements in wake of Nbc moving the show to a later slot to accommodate a new late night Jay Leno program.