Beloved hip hop group Naughty By Nature have reformed to record a new album.
The trio, which was one of five acts fated at the recent VH1 Hip-Hop Honors event, plans to release a new album early next year (09).
Band member DJ Kay says, "We've been talking about reuniting for about two years and then about three months ago, we decided to go ahead."
The new album is tentatively titled Anthem Inc. and DJ Kay insists longtime Naughty By Nature fans will love the group's new sound: "We're going to make universal party tracks with great hooks; street anthems, social and political anthems, anthems for the ladies. Nothing has changed from that standpoint.
"But we're not 19-20 anymore, so things will be a little different lyrically. We don't want to make a record that sounds like we're just trying to chase 15 year olds. We do want to appeal to them but at the same time, we want the music to be natural and comfortable for us."
The trio scored a string of huge hip hop hits, like O.P.P and Hip-Hop Hooray, in the early 1990s. They split in 2000 and briefly reformed for a single New York show in 2006.