The band has launched a crowd funding campaign to help them finance a comeback.

Explaining the initiative on Thursday (28Jan16), rapper Treach explained, "We're in the hip-hop genre, where the majority of the veteran artists don't get support from record labels. So you don't hear music from many legends in the game.

"Our fans worldwide kept letting us know that they miss our era of music. We launched this Kickstarter so there would be a platform to grant them their wish of hearing new Naughty By Nature songs and seeing new Naughty By Nature videos."

Fans who donate to the cause can pick up cool treats, like dinner with the bandmates and even getting the chance to join them onstage.

Naughty By Nature's new video for God Is Us, which features Queen Latifah, was released earlier this month (Jan16) and the band's 25th anniversary tour continues in Miami, Florida on Friday night (29Jan16).