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hello to sir elton, that's unreal how to cope with mourning, but I made it. It wasn't easy. thanks so much for phoning me, I should stick with the work, but being at a loss is more challenging, coming to England, I should go see how beautiful it is there. yeah there is Istanbul to see too for 999.99 I could do this later on, with saving from work money, a trip to save up for it would be worth it. 20 ducks together a young group a sign then two one mallord one drake, pairing off. natures gifts in the park. I 'm cried it out, I was close to my sister Sonjia when we were growing up, I are about her. I hope you're doing well, taking good care of yourself, eat healthy someone told me lots of friends give good remedies, for liver cancer: beet root cut off mixed with carrot + apple chinese dr. remedy BOlgiaroad says , then raw fruits/vegetables, lots of water to drink someone else said Conrad said he's from Quebec says he had cancer in his tummy then cured it with Monk living wow isn't that a shocker! he does't look old or unhealthy I seen him when he was 15 years old he came to Kelowna I just spoke to him. and aloe vera to eat this plant when sick. I hope you can be well 100 % it doesn't matter dear elton how or what people say.So long as you live people live its nice to have go home and stay home and I was listening to all the music from England I oh, I just love the music the Bee Gees! wow! the Paul McCartney Beatles, aw so nice! your music, time after time, no matter how you look at it, its a real commodity! I just seen a scooter named Typhome! I thought of picking up my own scooter I'm an Oksana! baba Anna,! I have to get the tattooe conartitstry off my back! that filthy guy in SunCity Orchards he'was a stranger once seen once picking cherries, I don't want him never absolutely not! not for me, he was a drug dealer with weapons! how gross!! cocainer's unreal. see what bad boys do 30 years ago he's been caught and undone! looks like they help each other to pass the cocaine around NO I DON"T know what that is, I'm a wheat farmer, bread! flour! pears are ready now apples are ready my calendar shows red for tomorrow wednesday I called the boss she says he says for herhim/ September 5th. Its the only work I found but I really like orchard's fruit picking. Its' farmers' Market. SunRype Apple juice pear you now pear juice! peach juices, all that lovely food.! I hate the bad neighbours! I have to only move somewhere to find my own father's 1342 Bertram street house thugstered by the dirty thief in the uniform of police o cmp, helping Calgary thief. 193PAG we are daddy's B.C. British Columbia 3072975 M/C TRAILER 1975 & 74 289977 in orange TRAILER his plate papa's . anyhow I have my own but this is unheardof how he's trying to steal from us. we are JOHN DOYLES pat, we lost her last year before daddy died George's first wife died I loved that sister inlaw so much, I thought that she deserved better life with her kids. Now she's gone, dad's gone. the bee gees Andy died when I was young we lost Robin, these songs they sing, are with us we are listening while going to work, now the young people are doing the same turning on the radio and really thinking the songs, they are hearing as I did, that is so awesome! make sure you dear elton john take care of yourself, please, I am losing weight, getting healthier my optimal health is excellent! I am watching what I eat, you were growing up in Watford, my mother said what but I didn't know how she meant this word I thought it was what? maybe after all she was saying wat? Zero I scored last night playing only Solitaire, I ended up with a score of cards' Spider ZERO> can you believe it? my game is ended with you. I'm just kidding! I would love to meet you. God bless and be safe, and be healthy!! Love from the Sundown cowgirl staying alone abstinate, yeah I throw off property as best as I can. those people are not being people. I listened to Elvis Presley last night when Monday, tuesday comes She's Wednesday, elvis meant when my daddy died' I'ld be going on to Tuesday. I didn't know that until yesterday August 26th. Thank-you for calling. I'm so surprised so happy about that dear. I'll walk out and run!

Posted 4 years 4 months ago by theresa krasnuik

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