Naughty Boy is helping Zayn Malik become a ''great songwriter''.

The 'La La La' hitmaker has revealed he has been working closely with the One Direction heartthrob in the recording studio and is nurturing him to write tracks for the best-selling band's new album.

Appearing on Capital FM, he said: ''I'm encouraging him to be a great songwriter.

''We've done something that might be a One Direction single - me and Emeli Sandé wrote it, and Zayn wrote on it too.

''It does sound like them, but it sounds like the natural next them.

''They are all becoming their own unique person, so that's when you get the best songs.''

In addition to Zayn, 21, bandmate Harry Styles has been flexing his musical muscles by writing tracks for One Direction and other artists.

The curly-haired star recently penned a track for Ariana Grande's new album after they met in the studio.

She said: ''I was at the studio one day and he was there, and literally, [songwriters] Johan [Carlsson] and Savan [Kotecha] were like, 'Hey, do you want to write something for Ariana?' And he was like, 'Sure, mate.' And he just did.

''It's a beautiful song. He's an amazing writer. It's really beautiful. He's amazingly talented.''