Siva Kaneswaran admits The Wanted have been '' too extreme'' with the things they have said in the past.

The 'All Time Low' singer insists the band - who have an ongoing rivalry with One Direction - will always be opinionated but hopes fans will see past this and recognise their musical talents.

He told Glamour magazine: ''Our fans know us as being honest, so we give them an honest opinion. Some things [we've said] in the past have been a bit too extreme, but as long as people take us - and excuse all the naughty things we say - and focus on our music, I couldn't care.''

The 24-year-old - who recently filmed reality series 'The Wanted Life' with bandmates, Max George, Jay McGuiness, Nathan Sykes and Tom Parker - claims their outlandish opinions often help their fans to understand who they really are.

He continued: ''The fans should know who their idols really are - the positives and the negatives. To be glossy, to be fake, I don't think it's good for the fans, because they buy into the person. They should buy into the truth, a role model you can trust. I think at heart we're good people.''

The group previously branded Christina Aguilera a ''total b***h'' after she snubbed them during their appearance on 'The Voice US' and have previously challenged rival British boy band One Direction to a fist fight in order to settle their feud, as well as various members clashing on Twitter.