Nathan Sykes has signed up to celebrity dating app Raya.

The 23-year-old singer - who previously dated singer Ariana Grande for four months in 2013 - has joined the exclusive network in the hope of meeting a new girlfriend.

He spilled: ''It was through peer pressure! I'm not normally one to give in, but i did. It's quite a closed community.''

The 'Kiss Me Quick' hitmaker joined the Tinder-type site as his second attempt at internet dating and has teased that he has discovered some very familiar faces are also on Raya.

He told the Metro newspaper: ''My friend came across someone quite unbelievably famous the other day...''

The pop star - who has embarked a solo career since The Wanted split in 2014 - has written most of his new tracks around the topic of love and he finds it very ''interesting'' when fans try and guess which people could have inspired his lyrics.

Nathan - whose track 'Over and Over Again' from his album 'Unfinished Business' was assumed to be about Ariana - said: ''I find it really interesting when people try and work out who my songs are about. I'm not one of those artists that is going to be publicly say. That's not cool.''