Nathan Sykes feels left out by the rest of The Wanted.

The 20-year-old singer finds it difficult being the baby of the band since the older band members leave him behind when they go out partying in the US, where the legal drinking age is 21, especially since relocating to the States to film their new reality show 'The Wanted Life'.

Speaking in a special interview with Ryan Seacrest for E!, Nathan confessed: ''I get left out so much, they're just like, 'See you later!'

''It's fallen really strangely, when I got to 18, I was like, 'Yes, I can finally go out in the UK!' Then it was, 'Yes, the boys are going to America!' I was like, 'No, you can't do that to me!''

The 'All Time Low' hitmaker added it was a complete shock being introduced into the band when he was still at school, and immediately felt a divide with the older boys and their wild ways.

He recalled: ''It was tough, there were moments where I'm sure they were like, 'How can I work with a 16 year old?' And I was like, 'How can I work with 21 year olds?' And they were crazy at the time as well.

''They haven't really changed! They were going out every night, there were girls, for me that was just a complete shock to the system because I was still at school.''

The boy band star hasn't yet fully recovered from emergency surgery in April, to save a haemorrhaging vocal chord, and spoke in a raspy voice during the interview.

While he is unable to sing at the moment, he hopes it won't be long before he can join bandmates Max George, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaran on stage.

Media mogul Ryan also dished the dirt on the popular boy band's womanising ways writing on Twitter: ''When I walked into @thewanted's living room, there was women's underwear hanging from the chandelier, no joke #thewantedlife.''