Nathan Sykes likes ''working hard to impress a girl''.

The Wanted star -who is believed to have recently split from singer Ariana Grande - enjoys ''the chase'' and doesn't think he could be the kind of guy who acts ''really cool'', preferring to put in some effort to flatter a woman.

He explained: ''I don't know I really like the chase. I like to work hard to impress a girl. But at the same time I'd be too nervous to be like 'Yeah, she likes me, so I'm going to act really cool.' Also, if I thought she didn't like me I'd be like, 'I'm too scared to chase!' ''

Nathan likes it when a girl ''hints'' she likes him to although it makes him feel embarrassed.

He added in an interview with We Love Pop magazine: ''Maybe a tiny bit of a hint. Before I've had a small hint and thought 'Yeah? Ok...' then straight after I'm like, 'Oh God, this is terrible. I'm gonna embarrass myself!' ''