Nathan Sykes is devastated after the death of his dog.

The Wanted singer has revealed he is heartbroken after his beloved pooch Harry passed away suddenly and has admitted he is really going to miss his pet.

The 19-year-old 'Chasing The Sun' singer shared his sad news with his fans via Twitter on Saturday (19.01.13), writing: ''R.I.P Harry dog'' and posted a photo of himself with the white dog.

He also posted the message: ''Thanks for all of the memories, smiles and love. We're gonna miss you.''

An hour later he thanked fans for their condolences, saying: ''Thanks for all of your lovely tweets, making me smile.''

The British and Irish boy band has been in the studio for much of this week, recording new music.

The group - which is also made up of members Tom Parker, Siva Kaneswaran, Max George and Jay McGuiness - recently admitted they feel as successful as The Beatles.

The 'I Found You' hitmakers are amazed by how much pandemonium they and fellow boy band One Direction create wherever they go to the US comparing it to Beatlemania in the 60s.

Tom previously said: ''It's Beatlemania for both boy bands, really. The whole boy band thing has really come back. Us and One direction have gone over to America and are literally just tearing it apart. The whole boy band thing is really alive and it's good that it's two British acts doing it.''

The singers think their huge appeal overseas stems from their down-to-earth attitude and outspoken personalities.

Tom added: ''People in Britain liked the fact that we were very real... We were very 'say what we want' and we wanted to produce the music that we wanted to do. And we took it to America and people really liked it. Every radio station was like, 'It's a breath of fresh air to us, we've not seen this realism for so long.'