The police officer who killed Nathan Gale after he went on a killing spree at a DAMAGEPLAN concert in December (04) has been sent a forgiving letter from the dead man's mother.

JAMES NIGGEMEYER (corr) was the first officer on the scene after Columbus, Ohio police were alerted to the shooting, which left rocker `DIMEBAG' DARRELL ABBOTT and three others dead.

Six months after his heroics, Niggemeyer has told MTV NEWS that he's still shaken up by the incident, but he's being helped by kind words from the local community and ex-Marine Gale's mother.

The police officer, who reveals he hadn't had cause to use his gun for five years before he ended Gale's life, says, "She (Gale's mother) wrote me a few weeks after and told me she understood that I was just doing my job and she didn't have any ill will toward me."

Niggemeyer reveals he has also been thanked by RICK CAUTELA, the owner of the Alrosa Villa club, where the shoot-out took place: "He wanted to remind me of how many lives I saved in his club."

After the incident, Niggemeyer reveals he took the regulation three days off and saw a psychologist: "It seemed like all I did for those three days was run and rerun it through my mind. You keep seeing the people who got shot, the ones who were laying there, just on continuous replay."

11/06/2005 02:48