LATEST: The man who shot and killed rocker 'DIMEBAG' DARRELL ABBOTT has a history of scrapping with the late guitarist.

Nathan Gale interrupted a DAMAGEPLAN concert in Columbus, Ohio, in December (04) and fatally shot Abbott, and now local authorities have discovered the deranged fan had a previous run in with the rock star in Cincinnati, Ohio, last April (04).

Gale allegedly caused $1,800 (GBP950) in damage to lights and live equipment during a struggle with police, after he was removed from the stage at a show on 8 April (04).

Gale was shot and killed by a police officer in December after he rushed on stage with a handgun and killed Abbott.

Gale, 25, reportedly told his mother and a former employer he was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic before he was given an early discharge from the Marine Corps in October 2003.

No charges were filed against Gale for his attack in Cincinnati because Damageplan band members did not want to return to the city for hearings.

14/04/2005 09:38