Nathalie Emmanuel's partnership with Dune was ''great timing'' for her.

The 28-year-old actress has joined forces with the popular fashion house and stars in their Spring/Summer 2017 campaign alongside model Isaac Carew, and the star was honoured to represent the brand because she has always loved their footwear designs and their ''cool, versatile'' collections.

Speaking about her latest fashion venture, the 'Game Of thrones' star - who is known for playing the role of Missandei in the American series - said: ''It was great timing for me, I knew the brand, I love shoes - I looked at the collection and loved the really cool, versatile range. Then I found out Rankin was shooting it and I liked the concept. It all fitted together really well.''

The brunette beauty has admitted modelling is ''really foreign'' to her, but she was put at ease by the 50-year-old photographer - whose full name is John Rankin Waddell - because he was ''fun and relaxed'' whilst shooting the commercial.

The former 'Hollyoaks' star said: ''It was great working with Rankin, he's a really nice guy, fun and relaxed and obviously very talented. I really need direction, the modelling aspect can be really foreign to me and he was really great at directing me. He also really enjoys letting things happen organically, he gave us space to play and find our way within the concept. It was appealing that this campaign consisted of films as well as photography, this allowed be to be in my comfort zone. It was cool to do the two beside each other. ''

And Nathalie felt being on the photoshoot set was different to filming a movie or television show.

Speaking about the experience, she said: ''It differed because of the photography in addition to film concept. And being on a set- breaking the scene with the reality, and how that was created was really cool

''Also, the fact that there was a live swan running across the set ... that was different.''