ELEKTRA star Natassia Malthe is plotting to shock guests at her 27th birthday party by re-enacting the film's lesbian kiss with co-star JENNIFER GARNER.

The on-screen lip-lock between heroine ELEKTRA - played by Garner - and Malthe's evil character TYPHOID MARY in the comic book adaptation has already fulfilled the fantasies of lusty male fans in Britain and America, following its release in both countries on Friday (14JAN05).

And now the sexy pair are eager to repeat the steamy kiss exclusively for pals at a plush bash to celebrate Malthe's birthday in Los Angeles on Wednesday (19JAN05).

Norwegian born Malthe says, "The kiss has got a lot of attention and it was weird doing it on screen because neither of us had kissed another girl before.

"But we had a bit of fun and we'd love to do it again as a treat. I think the men there are gong to have a better birthday than me!"

16/01/2005 14:48