The Orange Is the New Black actress stars opposite Chloe Sevigny in Antibirth, a film about a party animal whose life changes after she discovers she's pregnant, with a baby growing abnormally fast. It's been compared to classic horror flick Rosemary's Baby, which documents a woman giving birth to a devil child, but Natasha insists there's more female empowerment in her movie.

"Something we’ve been talking about a lot is this idea of Rosemary’s Baby, and Mia Farrow being so vulnerable in that movie, such a victim, and this is the opposite," Natasha grinned to Bustle. "I really think of it like Denzel Washington at the end of Training Day."

Another aspect both women found appealing is that there are no leading men in the feature. Chloe in particular has made a stand against taking on scripts that are male-driven, with Natasha pointing out that the idea of a Hollywood "boys' club" has now shifted to include females.

"We’ve all wised up and caught on that the idea of competition between women is really one that’s brought on by advertising, by the male society... we’ve decided, 'Hey, how about this idea of us all being comrades in this thing and supporting each other and moving each other to be our best?'" she explained.

"That’s really the definition of a boys' club. They help each other out like, 'Hey man, I think I’ve got a great idea for you.' And I think that now, that’s really starting to happen within us as women. We’re really starting to feel like f**k that, we’re the boys' club, you know?"

One thing they want to avoid is labelling themselves with a gender-centric term though, as Natasha points out that a move like that would only add fuel to the industry's gender discussion.