AMERICAN PIE star Natasha Lyonne is reportedly fighting for her life in a New York City hospital, after being found with hepatitis C, a heart infection and a collapsed lung.

The New York Post reports that the missing actress has been found struggling to survive in the Beth Israel Hospital's intensive care unit.

The publication says that as well as the range of health problems she's battling, Lyonne was also found with track marks, and is undergoing methadone treatment, typically used to help heroin users. Her father Aaron Braunstein, who visited the 26-year-old actress a week ago, tells US TV show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, "I read the article. I'm crying, actually. It's terrible. That's my little girl. It's a terrible tragedy. But she's gonna get better. We're all praying for her and she's a tough girl.

"As we see in the paper, she's probably with the wrong crowd, but the main thing she picked up is (hepatitis C) in Bulgaria (while shooting her 2001 movie THE GREY ZONE)."

And Braunstein is certain the New York Post will face legal action for exposing details of Lyonne's condition, explaining, "There's a confidentiality between patient, doctor and hospital, so all of this is gonna be probably a major lawsuit."