SPECIES star Natasha Henstridge's parents owe the Canadian actress for their lives after she rescued them from a blaze when she was three.

The sexy 30-year-old admits she grew up with a fascination for flames and she thinks that may have something to do with herheroic actions when she was a tot.

She recalls, "I was three-year-old and we lived in a mobile home... and I was sleeping on one side, my parents were sleeping on the other and I think some grease spilled over on the stove.

"They were taking a nap or something and they thought it was off. The place burned to the ground and I got my parents out. I woke my father up and he got us out of the house but he has burns on his arms.

"He said that they would have never gotten out if I had not come and woken them up."

Her heroics were soon forgotten, however, when she started playing with fire and ruined a carpet.

She adds, "I used to light things on fire. I used to think it was a lot of fun to light hairspray and to spray things and then light those things, light my hand on fire and I burned my parents carpet to a cinder."

02/12/2004 09:42