Fears are growing for ATOMIC KITTEN singer Natasha Hamilton, after pictures of her looking worryingly thin were published.

The WHOLE AGAIN star has lost a lot of weight recently, leading friends to speculate the pretty star may have developed an eating disorder.

A source tells British tabloid THE DAILY SPORT, "Natasha put weight on when she had baby JOSH and managed to lose it very quickly which was lucky for her.

"But now the weight has fallen off her and we're very worried. It's even more obvious since she's had her boobs done. She looks so skinny and gaunt and then she's got these big 32D boobs on her. We're keeping an eye on her."

Hamilton, 21, caused a storm earlier this year (03) when she told fans how she managed to keep her slim figure, saying, "That's easy, I just don't eat.

"That's how I've done it. The way to make a nice backside is not to eat."

20/09/2003 00:13