Natasha Hamilton doesn't want another child.

The Atomic Kitten singer, who has Josh, 16, Harry, 14, Alfie, eight, and Ella, four, from four previous relationships, is very happy with fiance Charles Gay but she insists having a baby isn't in their plans because she's so busy juggling her large brood and her other commitments.

She told Closer magazine: ''Having another baby just really isn't on our list of things to be getting on with right now.

''I've already got four babies to nurture and look after and I have to juggle everything an awful lot.

''My diary is essential - I make plans for everything well in advance and have a great network of family and friends who help out. Sometimes it can be hard.''

The 36-year-old singer - who recently revealed she and Charles have put their wedding plans on hold because they have been too busy to plan their big day - has discovered over the last year or so that it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to stay in shape and she needs to find more time to look after herself.

She said: ''When I hit 35, I was like, 'What is happening to me?' I've noticed a big difference in the past year.

''The way my body processes food is different. I've had to work that extra bit harder, watching what I eat.

''Cutting out sugar has done me the world of good and I'm working out a bit more too.

''As busy mums working at home or working women, we always put ourselves last.

''We're always worrying about other things - and it's really important to just look after ourselves and show ourselves love.

''A good diet, working out, being kind to yourself and taking a bit of time to switch off are all really helpful.''