ATOMIC KITTEN star Natasha Hamilton is consulting her lawyers after her ex-fiance complained about the amount of time he is allowed to see the pair's baby son.

The WHOLE AGAIN singer is worried FRAN COSGROVE will take away the full custody she currently has of 15-month-old JOSH.

An insider says, "Natasha has been forced to seek legal representation to make sure she doesn't lose her little lad.

"She wants to make sure she will continue to have fill custody of Josh - and she's simply not willing to budge an inch"

Natasha, 20, and Fran, 24, split in January (03) and at first pals thought they'd sorted out the access arrangements.

But now both think the other's lifestyle makes them unsuitable to bring up a young child, and nightclub host Fran is upset at the amount of time he is allowed to see his son.

The insider says, "He wants more access - he is not pleased with the current situation at all.

"He reckons that Tash cannot possibly be able to devote enough time to their son when she's so busy with her pop career.

"On the other hand, she doesn't believe his demanding job in the nightclub business is very conducive to bringing up a child either."

12/10/2003 12:59