Pop beauty Natasha Hamilton has launched a blistering attack on her ex-fiance FRAN COSGROVE - calling his new relationship with British glamour model Jodie Marsh "pathetic".

The ATOMIC KITTEN star and nightclub manager Fran - who have a 14-month-old son JOSH - split up in January (03).

Describing his new relationship, Natasha says, "They are a match made in heaven. It's sad, really pathetic."

And the feisty singer says Fran has been trying to woo her back with drunken late-night phone calls, despite her six month relationship with dancer GAVIN HATCHER.

She says, "I wouldn't say he was exactly begging. You know what it's like when someone has a few drinks and starts going through their phone book at 4am.

"I won't get back together with him. I'm very happy with my new man."

29/09/2003 13:54