ATOMIC KITTEN singer Natasha Hamilton quit the chart-topping band following a bout of post-natal depression, before being convinced to stay.

Only two weeks ago (begs3NOV03) the young mum, who gave birth to son JOSH last year (02), admitted to bandmates Jenny Frost and Liz Mcclarnon that she was exhausted.

However, after lengthy talks Natasha has been persuaded to stay with the WHOLE AGAIN trio.

A music industry spy confides, "Tash was in a really bad way and told the band she'd had enough. It took a lot of persuading to get her to change her mind. She was so low she didn't want to do anything. She's better now."

Natasha adds, "My doctor diagnosed me with post-natal depression and ordered me to take time off work.

"I wondered why I felt so down, I was crying a lot and everything got on top of me. I've talked about it with the girls and I know I shouldn't feel guilty about working."

17/11/2003 09:32