Natasha Hamilton says Atomic Kitten won't make any more albums.

The 34-year-old singer - who has Josh, 14, Harry, 12, Alfie, six, and two-year-old Ella from previous relationships - has admitted the chances of the 'Whole Again' group putting out new music is slim as they are all focused on their separate projects and looking after their families.

Asked if the trio - also of comprised of Kerry Katona, 36, and Liz McClarnon, 35 - will release any new music, Natasha exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''Do you know what? Probably not. To release new music is so time consuming. Obviously I've got four children and to be on the road promoting that, it just isn't realistic anymore.''

Natasha said they have attempted to put some new tunes together in the studio, but it just didn't work out as it is ''too big a job'' for them with their other commitments.

She said: ''We did contemplate it. We did try before, we got into the studio and we had a few good songs, but it just became apparent that it was just too big a job for us to do now with the stages we are at in our life. But the gigs we still love gigging.''

Although she has no plans to record new music, Natasha hasn't ruled out the possibility of having her own solo music career and would love to go on the road with a theatre show of some kind.

She said: ''I would love to have a solo music project. I have not written it off, who knows what the future holds? I'd love to do something more stripped back, maybe a theatre tour or something with a piano and a string quartet, a bit of brass. I'd love to do that. I am at my best when I am singing live on stage.

''That is something I'd love to do and hopefully that will happen in the future, but no plans as of yet.''

Atomic Kitten released three studio albums during their peak, 2000's 'Right Now', 2002's 'Feels So Good' and their last 'Ladies Night' in 2003.